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A Necessity In This Day and Age

The Political Pagan - A Necessity in This Day and
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Welcome to Political Pagan.

It has been found that there is little to no cohesiveness amongst Pagans in a geopolitical sense. Most folks go their own way and do not look beyond their own doorsteps.

How does that make us any different than the very people we criticize?

We all have political opinions. In some cases, groups of Pagans share them, but till now, there has never been a forum for such groups to air their views and make others aware of them.

This group has some very simple rules:

Show basic civility to your fellow poster. If you start a shit fight, you will have your posting rights removed for a minimum of 30 days. This community is not the place for you to shit on others because you cannot in real life. In most cases, you will receive sound warning before your rights are suspended.

If you are under 18, be prepared to see 'heavy' issues. If you lack understanding, feel free to read and learn. If you do have an opinion, please make it in as courteous a way as possible.

This community is not restricted to American Pagans, though many issues discussed here may center on American Pagan issues. If you are not American, please remember that those that are don't necessarily support what our government is doing. Strive to be polite.

The only advertising which will occur here will be of the type in line with the basic theme of this community: Pagans and Politics. Anything else will be removed.

For now, you have to be a member to post.

Remember: Your words speak for you, so choose them, carefully. It will depend on every person's behavior whether this group will succeed.

If you have a reason to contact a moderator, feel free to email them privately.