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The Political Pagan

There's No War Like Class War

The Political Pagan

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There's No War Like Class War

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A Something Or Other
~Personally, I'm not an anarchist, but there are important political lessons here.

By Felonious Monk

Sun-Tzu said this (more or less), "If you know your enemy, and you know yourself, you will never be defeated; if you know yourself, but don't know your enemy, then you might win, you might lose; if you know neither yourself nor your enemy, then you will never win."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, while I go on -- I will get back to it. I watch accounts of protesters getting their asses kicked by cops and I think, "well, what do you expect? They're cops -- they are the goon squad of the status quo. OF COURSE they're gonna bash heads."

But so often people seem outraged and surprised by it, like "this isn't what a democracy is s'posed to look like." It ain't a democracy, though -- we live in a capitalist police state, dudes. That's the front and back of it.

Say it to yourself a couple times -- POLICE STATE -- this is what happens when you got a few rich people in power and the rest of us in the gutter, busting our humps to get by. The richies want more cops on the beat (adds a whole new meaning, don't it?). Why you think they're building all those jails, and why every President wants more police out there? Police are like the antibodies for the government -- they attack dangerous influences and try to "halt the infection" before it spreads. I'm using biological analogies cuz that's how those up top think -- they're the brains, and we're, I dunno, the cells.

Anyhow, what some folks (most folks) don't get is that this is a WAR -- a class war -- now what's that mean? Simply put, we got two sides, with contrary interests -- a ruling rich few, and a mostly powerless poor majority. The middle class? That buffer zone between the rich and the poor? They're going away, fast. American society is folding into an upper class, and a lower class, like any good Banana Republic. Another 20 years of the status quo, the middle class will be a memory.

The rich won't give up their privilege without a fight. No, sir. And you gotta decide which side you are on -- you on the side of the little guy, or do you want to play lapdog to some fat cats? Those are the choices we got -- serve the rich, or be poor. Welcome to the Class War (CW).

Once you get that in your head, the rest is pretty easy -- it puts things in proper perspective. And most importantly, it lets you think up new stuff, like tactics and strategies. Like what's a strike? It's basically a siege -- and if you know beans about military strategy, it's that a siege is a losing strategy. In military terms, the strong force (offense) besieges the weak force (defense), which then tries to hold out. But a strike is just the opposite -- the weak force (workers) tries to besiege the strong force (the company).

In the good old days of Labor, the strike was a losing strategy -- maybe the company would give concessions, maybe not. For sure the workers were cooling their heels or getting beaten and shot for their troubles. These days, with parallel production, temp workers, NAFTA, etc. -- it's SUICIDE. The workers will always lose in a strike.

That's why you got to be creative in the CW -- the CW is more like a guerrilla war (GW) than a conventional one. That is, if you got any sense. Because in a conventional war, the better-equipped and led side will win, but in a GW, that's not always the case.

Why is that? It's cuz you never, ever give the enemy a straight-up fight. You do hit and run, and you do that over and over and over again. You don't try to go toe-to-toe with them, cuz they will swat you like the flies you are.

Instead, you keep nipping and nagging at them, annoying, harassing them. Our foes watch the bottom line -- that is their GOD -- and if you do GW well enough, they'll get the message that it's too expensive to keep fighting you, so they'll (eventually) leave you be. It'll take time, but it'll work.

That same bottom-line thinking is what ensures a GW will take a long-ass time. The higher the economic stakes, the longer and harder the enemy will fight. The US was in Vietnam for something like 12 years, and threw more bombs there than were dropped on Europe in all of World War II. That gives you a sense of that.

Now, Americans don't likely have to worry about the government dropping bombs on its own cities (yet). But you do have to worry about the political police, whose sole purpose is to keep you from expressing your beliefs. And they've got all sorts of nasty tricks they can do, like that COINTELPRO stuff a4a has up on this page talks about.

Anyway, liberals and progressives (what's that mean, anyway?) out there'll pipe up -- don't we have the moral right of it? Shouldn't we play fair, take the higher moral ground? We shall overcome, God is on our side?

Screw that -- our enemies won't play fair; they lie, cheat, steal, connive, terrorize -- and you sure can depend that we won't appeal to their better natures. You play on the up and up with them, and you cede the initiative to them -- you playing in THEIR game, on THEIR field, by THEIR rules. That's what they call a "fair fight." It'd be like you trying to box Tyson with anything less than a crowbar in your hand. You play their game, and you will lose! They know that, which is why they always try to get us (the people) to play, and rip on people who won't play their way. But do-gooder suckers fall for it, getting all pious and whiney.

Now, it doesn't mean you have to be like your class enemy to win -- fighting fire with fire and all of that. Not at all. We're about a new way; maybe we don't have it all mapped out, but we aren't like they are.

Rather, it means using GW tactics and not deluding yourself into thinking a capitalist- dominated society is possibly going to give anarchism (and anarchists) a fair shake. Cuz it won't.

You probably wondering what GW is all about, yeah? Makes you think of guys with berets and backpacks, stomping through the jungle. So I'll explain a little.

GW is the little guy's army -- it is an irregular army -- not a professional one. They lack money, so they are forced to be flexible and creative. Instead of set battles and campaigns with clear beginning and endpoints, the GW has not clear-defined border. It is a constant campaign until one side or the other wins.

(And I'm just using this as an analogy, lest some feds reading this get their panties in a twist -- this isn't an incitement to "violent overthrow of the government" -- rather, it's trying to give leftists a clue about their situation and why parades and marches and Vietnam-era style march-n-chant ain't gonna cut it anymore; protesters have to be more creative about their protest. So that's for you, John Q. Gestapo.)

The GW vanishes when attacked, and reappears the moment the heat is off. The GW is like shadow boxing, only the shadow can hit back, most often when you not looking.

The GW looks for opportunities whenever they arise, where his/her force can be best applied. You hit where you are strong and the enemy is weak.

Now some (esp. cops) might read this and think, "hey, this guy's talking terrorism" -- but that's bullshit. It's because we value lives that we are anarchists, and it's because our foes value property and riches that they're capitalists. We don't own the sweatshops or support the Latin American death squads. We don't invade countries or build H-bombs and prisons. We aren't the fucking terrorists.

A lotta people want to be like Martin Luther King, Jr., or Gandhi -- you know, the noble leader with the vision, waiting for martyrdom -- Jesus Junior. But the first two were civil rights movements (CRM), NOT opposition movements. Different games entirely. CRM was about attaining social parity within the existing system. And look how hard they had to fight, and what happened to those leaders.

By contrast, an opposition movement is much, much harder -- we're not about getting seats at the dinner table; we're about serious home redecorating.

An opposition movement has to know what it wants to succeed, which is why old-left folks always talk about leadership. Screw that. Let me tell you what the enemy wants:

They want democracy GONE, or at the very least, gutted to the point of meaninglessness. They want plutocracy -- rule by the wealthy; they want oligopoloy -- rule by the few; they want meritocracy -- rule by the smartest, best and brightest.

I can sum up what they want in ONE word -- ARISTOCRACY -- they want a return to aristocracy, rule by the "superior", rule by the elite. They want a society where everybody knows their place -- them on top, the rest of us on the bottom. That's their agenda, that's what they're about (and it goes for you, too, Mr. Police Man -- they want to be sure you know your place, too -- maybe they'll pat you on the head if you're a good enough attack dog, but the moment you pull to hard on that leash, they'll take care of you, lickety-split.)

They aren't allowed to say that, yet -- it's the great unspoken secret, but it's in operation as I write this. It'd say we're about 75% there already, maybe 80%, maybe more, for all I know. Only the rich can afford to be politicians -- they got the time, means, and inclination -- that's why Congress is a rich person's club. Corporations hold more sway than most nations -- they're richer and more powerful than ever before. We live in the one dollar/one vote world, which is the basis of aristocracy. Some people matter more than others.

That's how Bill Gates basically waltzes up to the White House for a one-on-one with the President. He's able to do that cuz he's IMPORTANT -- he's the richest man on Earth, the richest human being in history. Of course he can do that; now you try getting a one-on-one with the Prez -- bet you it won't happen, unless you're rich.

That's what the enemy wants -- maximum freedom for themselves, and subjugation and slavery for the rest of us. Know your place, and that place is beneath the boot of the new aristocracy -- nobles without titles.

Now, while they're doing that, they like to pretend we're all on the same team, the same side. We're in this together, one country, one people.

FUCK THAT! We're not. We're not one people, and in this society, money talks louder and more persuasively than living people do. That's the game, that's the playing field, and that's why we can't play by their rules if we mean to win.

Going back to Sun-Tzu, that's why we gotta know our enemies, and know ourselves -- what are we all about, anyway? Do we even know what we want? As I understand it, anarchism is really a radical form of democracy, which is why it stands so firmly opposed to the new aristocracy, and why it scares the crap out of them.

They're spending a lot of time trying to demonize us, make us the scary monsters for people to be afraid of, which reveals where their heads are at. I'm tired of dollar democracies, death squad democracies, capitalist democracies -- I want the real thing, and I see anarchy as the way to reach that. I'm tired of the bullshit parade and the pundits and the corruption and the bloodshed. I want a new world amid the old. That's what I want.

So, how to carry the CW to the enemy, to the new aristocrats? Like what tactics to use? That's a rant for another time, my friends. But I leave you with the following from Sun-Tzu, for you to think about and to take to heart -- I think these concepts are useful for the class war, waged guerrilla-style:


1. Act in accordance with a plan only after full consideration of the consequences.
2. Always seek maximum profit, preferably by not having to actually use force, for force is much more effective when it is only threatened.
3. Try not to damage your enemy, but rather to capture him whole, for thereby your own profit will be increased.
4. Weaken the enemy before engaging him, for his resistance can be thereby diminished before the engagement and you are in consequence strengthened.
5. Force the enemy to do things he does not wish or expect to do, especially by manipulating the situation or circumstances to your own advantage.
6. Use the enemy's and one's own potential, intentions, and psychological inclinations to one's own advantage, so that one can sweep the enemy away by the force of circumstances or the situation.
7. Strike always with your own fullest strength against the enemy's weakest points.
8. Always realize that there are advantages and disadvantages to every course of action. Make a full evaluation of these and turn your own disadvantages into advantages and the enemy's advantages into disadvantages.
9. Act always according to the changes in the natural course of things. Nothing stays the same and you must never, therefore, stick to a single course of action. Be aware of how the situation is altering and transform your own behavior to conform to the new circumstances.
10. Always seek to achieve your aims by indirect means that your enemy does not expect.
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